I’ve fallen in love with the idea of living

This quote by the main character in Shirley Valentine was the spark that lit the fire for the creation of our blog, In Search of a Good Life. Years ago before we knew that blogs existed, we followed a Newsgroup with daily posts by an American researcher, Earl Evleth, who was living in France with his wife Donna and Gaston, the Dachshund. His posts were about the everyday events which were part of their lives in Paris. He would describe the lunch they had enjoyed on an afternoon at their favourite restaurant, or maybe something about the antics of Gaston. Earl had a special way of writing and making the reader part of his life.

After relocating to Cape Town in December 2010, Deon and I decided to do something similar and to write about our experiences. The name of the blog originated from the movie Shirley Valentine, which is one of our favourites. Shirley’s words, I’ve fallen in love with the idea of living, describe our life in Cape Town. We are totally in love with beautiful Cape Town and the whole of the Western Cape and love to share some of our experiences.

St. Varlaam

We love traveling

We love to have lunch on Fridays in a restaurant we have never been before; we love cooking; reading; photography; traveling, art, movies, music, animals (especially Leica our cat) and nature. That is basically what the blog is about, stories about our lives. The best part of the blog is that there are many people who read our blog, which is really very special.


Leica, king of our castle